Ladle Stations

Ladle StationThis station preheats a ladle, which is used in conjunction with a Plasma heating furnace, which extracts valuable nickel particles from the fume dust.

The main column supports the burner heat shield, which raises/lowers prior to slewing into position above the ladle.

Gas, air and electrical controls were pre-manufactured onto a skid frame, and then connected up to the burner rig on site.

The above unit was designed and manufactured for British Steel, and a similar unit was designed and manufactured for Terni Steel in Italy



Ladle Station Raised Ladle Station Lowering

One of a batch of eleven ladle and tundish stations provided for Usiminas Steelworks of Brazil.

Photo illustrates a 200 tonne ladle preheater being tested at our works in Dewsbury.

The 12 million BTU/hr (3500kW) burner which is fitted to the stations is from the North American HiRAM High Velocity range.

The unit lifts and lowers via an hydraulic ram and self contained hydraulic powerpack.




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