Homogenising Furnaces

Large Clam Shell Furnace

Clam Shell Furnace

This furnace is used for heat treatment and homogenisation of steel ingots with a total charge weight of up to 40 tonnes.

The furnace operates in the range 400C to 1250C and temperature uniformity meets Rolls Royce Aerospace Specification RPS953.

The furnace is equipped with high velocity hot air burners and recuperators which deliver preheated air at up to 550C.  The resulting fuel saving is 40% compared to a cold air system.  The cover is raised through 90 using hydraulic cylinders, to enable the ingots to be removed using the overhead crane.





Internal Refractory

Homogenising Furnace

This furnace was supplied to a world leading UK producer of high-nickel, high-performance alloys as part of a larger project involving new equipment and the refurbishment of existing plant.

The furnace uses high velocity hot air natural gas burners and separate recuperators at hearth level to enable uniform heating of the furnace load and lower maintenance compared to other hot air burner systems.

All instrumentation used on the furnace was supplied with serial communications to suit the customers existing SCADA system.

Maximium Furnace Load:     17 tonnes

Temperature Uniformity:        RPS953 in the range 950C to 1250C

Control Modes:                       Fixed Air & Fuel Modulation, Stoichiometric Ratio, Reducing Atmoshpere, Rapid Cooling

Expected Fuel Savings:         35% over a cold air system operating under the same conditions




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